Kaizen Global Corporation Ltd., we introduce ourselves as “The Global Supply Chain Supervisor”; we source, design, supervise, make and supply goods as per demand of our buyers all around the world.Corp Pic 2

We are an outsourcing and design development company for all sorts of requirements for Ready Made Garments and Textiles. We are fully operational with highly professional people managing Merchandising, Production, Quality and Commercial department individually for confirmation of quality products in timely shipment. We are committed to delivery with our own Customs Clearing and Forwarding and Shipping Company. Being Bangladeshi Origin, we can offer GSP facilities and Duty Free options to many eligible markets such as all EU, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

Most of our associated factories are fully compliant with USA and European standards and have adequate business experience for garments production and shipment. We are committed to productivity and quality growth to attain our objectives of being leading Garments & Textiles Sourcing Companies in this region of South East Asia, providing our customers modern and quality garments with world class services.

Corp Pic 3Kaizen Global also safeguards that the buyer and keep them within the loop, while the services are being delivered. Our team works round the clock with passion and enthusiasm to make sure that both parties are satisfied with our sourcing services.

Kaizen Global also undertakes freelance inspection jobs where our qualified personnel deliver required AQL-Acceptable Quality Level by client. Managing the quality of the products is given the highest priority.

Kaizen Global vision is to provide our international buyers, resourceful insights of the untapped Bangladesh market, delivering the right quality and timely shipment with maximum customer satisfaction. Our mission is to invite international buyers to Bangladesh and make buying from here with a pleasant experience and profitable for our customers.

We are committed to:

  • The best Product Development & Sourcing.
  • Pricing that is truly competitive.
  • Guarantee of on time production & dot-on deliveries.
  • Quality assurance & Inspection.
  • Communication & Co-ordinations.
  • Shipment & Tracking.

We have a zero tolerance policy for any violation or abuse of human rights, child labor laws and factory safety standards. Kaizen Global has a passion for detail, speed and ethical conduct of commerce. We are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.